Ghille Ruadh Buth-Obrach Store

Artisan Wood Creations; an Extraordinary Collection

About Us
Ghille Ruadh Buth-Obrach is located in Montrose in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia, Canada. It specializes in the crafting and delivery of beautiful quality live edge wood designs.

We have a lifetime of experience with woodworking and over four years specializing in boards and resin to guarantee quality workmanship every time.

Here's how it all began:

My son was working in my dad's shop making a live edge project for his sister.

During the epoxy curing process (in a temperature controller room) a cork from an empty wine bottle (located on a shelf above his project) found its way into the uncured epoxy.

When I saw this, it made me think that my father was watching over us while we created and enjoyed his shop.

I was also intrigued by the beauty of the piece my son had made and thought it would be a great way to utilize my dad’s shop. This is where he spent many of his hours building and creating.

Since my first project (a crib board) in January 2021, I have donated to charities and community causes, and spent many hours working away. All the while, I feel my father is watching over me and that he would be offering up some worldly advice.  
When I’m working in his shop I get a real sense that he’s there. This space allows me to escape the world around me and just focus on creating.


To keep creating pieces of art (be it charcuterie boards or crib boards) that people will enjoy and use for years.


Our mission is to bring joy and pleasure through our unique and attractive wood creations.

Our goal is to provide unique, high-quality handmade wood creations.

Visit our store today.

Glen Rugg


Fondly known as "Charlie", he's all about helping others and being able to utilize his skill sets to make beautiful things. Personally and professionally, he is most passionate about doing and being the best that he can be. He is accountable for his actions and cares deeply about family and community. (He says: "I hold myself to a pretty high standard"). Charlie (Glen) is known for being a hard-working, conscientious, trustworthy guy, and for creating amazing art pieces.

Francis Rugg


There's a special advisor on the Team. Someone who assists with my (Charlie's) choices of color and wood selection (or at least which grain pattern she likes best). THANKS MOM!!

Live Edge Wood

I get my selection of live edge wood from Windsor Plywood in Langley, Wood Cache in Calgary and Rusty Design in Ontario. I’m dwindling down my supply of walnut that I received from friends in the Okanagan area and Quesnel, British Columbia. When I’m choosing the pieces of rough live edge stock I always try to find pieces that have interesting growth patterns, unique characteristics, and hope to find faces, animals, etc in the grain. With the help of my advisor, I choose pigment to add to the resin to bring the wood to life.


The resins I use and the finish I put on the boards (Magic Resin, Designer Epoxy, and Howard Cutting Board Oil) are all food grade products. A small bottle of oil to keep your board nourished is included with every board purchased.

Care and Maintenance

Charcuterie Board care: After usage, clean the board with a soft cloth to remove food. Then, put a thin coat of Cutting Board Oil on all surfaces and buff in (I use a microfiber cloth). It’s a good idea to put a piece of paper towel under the board after oil application so as not to stain items it is stored on. NEVER SUBMERGE THE BOARD IN THE SINK OR (Heaven forbid) PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER… (I’ll cry if I hear you have). Crib Board Care: Every so often, put a thin coating of Cutting Board Oil on all surfaces and buff in (I use a microfiber cloth). It’s a good idea to put a piece of paper towel under board after oil application so as not to stain items it is stored on.


Significant donations (almost 50% of all works created) have been made to community and charities by Ghille Ruadh Buth-Obrach. In addition, profits on 33% of productions have been donated to the Skinny Genes Foundation in Trail, BC (

The Meaning of Ghille Ruadh Buth-Obrach

The name came about as paying homage to my father whom we lost in 2020. As a small red headed Scottish lad, his older siblings referred to him as Ghille Ruadh, which means Red Boy and the Buth-Obrach is Gaelic for workshop (Red Boy’s Work Shop).